Preview: Canola-Flickr 0.0.4

Ok, it has been some time since my last post, in the meantime i changed a lot to the plugin, especially in the last 3 weeks (Those of you who are subscribed to the RSS-Feed of my Gitweb page, might have noticed allready. ;-)), it is almoast too much to go into every detail, so i will just post the current changelog since the last release here:

  • Added new folder “Search”, which will contain the different search options
  • Moved mainmenu items a little bit
  • Added “Search by tag (global)” option which searches for tags in images of all users
  • Added “Search groups” option to search for certain group names
  • Updated Flickr search operations, filter results – show only photos, added tag_mode=”all” – all specified tags must be includes in the search results
  • Try to handle exception while downloading files to avoid corrupt files in the download folder
  • Updated dependencies for Canola2 beta10
  • Changed internal structure of the Image-, Group- and Contactlistings to allow using the new page-switch widget of Canola2 beta10 like it is already used in the youtube plugin (not yet working)
  • Speed up searching files in the local cache a lot
  • Added new mainmenu option Tags, with the suboptions “Hot tags (today)” and “Hot tags (this week)”, shows the “hottest” tags from Flickr and the 20 newest corresponding images
  • Abort downloading images when you leave a image listing, this avoids a lot of unnecessary download traffic (the currently running download will be finished – this may result in adding the image twice to the image-list, if you leave and re-enter the same listing again before the download finished, this bug will be addressed soon)
  • Check if enough space is available before downloading images
  • Show meaningful messages when no items are found in the listings of photosets, contacts, photos, favorites and groups
  • Added a “Add to favorites” option to the context-menu of images
  • Depend on python-flickrapi (>= 1.1-2)
  • Added an Info option to the context menu of images, which currently displays the name of the image, the owner of the image, the date the image was uploaded, a small thumbnail, the description and the tags of the image

Ok, now for the curious, just a few screenshots of the current version:

Options context-menuInfo context-menu Image added to favorites Image removed from favoritesSearch submenuLower part of the mainmenu Tags submenuToday's "Hot tags"Photos with the

Search groups dialogSearch results for Menu for a Contact

Ok, now i am pretty shure that most of you who read this post until this point, want to know when this version of the plugin will be released. The answer is simple: I plan to upload this version to extras-devel, a short time after the official release of Canola 2 beta10, which should happen very soon.

And btw: Thanks to the Flickr Stats for the API-Key of Canola-Flickr, i know that Canola-Flickr has been used by about 650 different Flickr-Users until today, i am very impressed about this number, considering the fact that i announced it as being alpha-quality software and that i did not do much advertising, except posting a short note on ITT and adding it to extras-devel and later extras. 🙂